Our Approach

Our purpose is to help companies simplify their technical needs, building applications, and offering services that will promote their company and drive growth. Whether that means migrating your current platform to the cloud or developing applications and solutions that allow them to do more. We were built to help companies in their mission whatever that may be.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Empower companies and individuals to succeed through technology.

Our Amazing Team

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Jes Pateres

Founder & CEO

Jes Pateres is one of the Founder in LetsDoBusinessOnline. Jes has a passion to synergy - means seeing through the complexity of the intersecting the technology, innovation and social dynamics, to enable changing collaborations between  entrepreneurs and innovative opportunities.

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Whilst having spent a lot of his life in Asia, Eric Teagan has lived and studied all over the world - including spells in Hong Kong, Mexico, The U.S., China, and Singapore. He graduated with a BA in Political Science from Tulane University in 2016.

Timothy Barrett


Timothy has a passion for exploring the possibilities of disruption in this new, tech-informed era of tech-finance. After a successful career in London working in the Commodity and Derivatives markets in London, he opted in 2011 to switch to a more location-independent career.

Next Steps...

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